International Communication and Collaboration

Benefits of Cross-border communication and collaboration

Outsourcing opens a way for growth-minded business owners to expand their operations on a global scale. By going global via outsourcing, local businesses can achieve international growth. Business conducted online is beneficial to markets at home and abroad. Among the advantages presented by growing successfully on a global scale are included:

· You can reduce the dependence on the local markets.

· By finding new markets, you can extend the sales life of existing services and products.

· You can even out sales if your business is affected by market destabilizing fluctuations due to demand cycles or seasonal changes.

· You can exploit corporate know-how and technology.

· You’ll learn how to compete against foreign companies

One of the most important reasons to go global is to improve your business’ potential for grow and expansion. Job outsourcing can helps American companies to become more competitive players in the global marketplace. It also allows them to open overseas branches that can sell to foreign markets.

By hiring in locations with lower standards of living and emerging markets, job outsourcing keeps labor costs low. That also helps consumers in the United States, by lowering the prices on the goods that are shipped back home. Outsourcing also offers benefits to employees in those emerging markets. They have more employment opportunities and can earn an income that is most often higher than the local salaries.

In order to succeed in expanding on the global market, U.S. companies need to be able to communicating the goals of the project in the best possible manner. Communicating problems and the desired outcome across borders could be sometimes challenging and difficult but it is absolutely critical in solving problems.

In order to succeed in global communication you need to have a good “communication vision.” This means that you need to think through how your company is going to communicate priorities and goals with the outsourced staff. As part of that vision you have to take advantage of the positive cultural shifts inherent with global communication.

In general, it’s recommended to highlight the big-picture outcomes and communicate goals to your outsourced employees as often as possible. The key project goals should be expressed with simplicity and a personal touch.

A project team is usually brought together to deliver a unique benefit to a company. Project teams, especially those that include outsourced staff, are typically bringing together a diverse group of people. A further communication challenge could be experienced due to this diversity. For this reason, it is very important to ensure a clear communication about performance, expectations, goals, feedback and responsibility.

Successful project management communication requires being in touch with the real challenges of the project, being there for everyone, and understanding the real issues within the team. A project could fail in case of lack of clearly articulate its vision. In order to work to a common goal, the whole team should be able to visualize the end result.

In case of outsourced projects, online communication methods play a very important role. Webinars, podcasts, webcasts, emails, company’s website, blogs, intranet bulletin boards, project newsletter, video conference meetings or voice only web conference meetings are the main means of communications with the outsourced staff.

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