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We at GlobalTelecom, have been doing consulting work for companies across the globe, and one of our oldest clients who we do consulting work for has contracted our services year over year in order to more effectively communicate with their employees. After Milwaukee Windows latest training session, we have been granted permission to share the top communication techniques that we have trained their management with.

In many companies the average employee will have minimal insight into the overall direction the company is headed unless they are trained in reading the annual business and stock reports. This causes a disconnect between leadership, management, and the average employee. In order to counteract this, North Americas largest Window Replacement service has given us permission to publish their top 5 ways to improve communication in the Workplace. This is a list that we developed and trained their managers to use over 7 years ago.

With the permission of Milwaukee Windows, we are publishing a time tested method to help improve communication and enable good leaders to become great leaders.

Milwaukee Windows Most Effective Communication Methods

One on One Personalized Time

We know and teach that an employee will be better engaged if you communicate feedback through a constructive channel such as a one on one meeting. This removes the feeling of being put on the spot in a meeting or in front of colleagues.  While speaking with an employee or your own boss, be sure to maintain eye contact and engage in the conversation. Keep in mind if you are pulling an employee aside your goal is to give them tools to become better.

Presentations and Communication

In the event that you need to present to a larger group and it becomes time restrictive to meet with each of your employees individually, a power point presentation is likely the go to option. This gives your employees the opportunity to easily grasp complicated ideas through pictures, graphs, and videos. What most upper management forget to do is to make the content available to the employees so they can refer back to it.  If you are presenting information to extended groups every employee may not understand and digest the information at the same rate. For this reason, power points are a great way to let your employees work through the information you presented.

In the event of presenting on confidential information, make sure that you either sensor the content before making it available or label it as company confidential.

Email Communication Techniques

Emails are commonly used across offices around the world. Where many people go wrong with emails is including too much personal interpretation to the content that they are sending out. When communicating through Email correspondence be sure that you are professional, speak to the data, and keep personal comments to a minimum.

Scheduling Meetings

Every office has meetings, and while some may be more informal than others this is the best opportunity that the average employee will have with communicating upwards to management. Be sure to keep a structured outline of what is to be covered, and if at any point the conversation becomes derailed refer back to the schedule while mentioning the time constraints of the meeting.
What separates an excellent manager from an okay one is the follow up actions of a meeting. An excellent manager will always send out meeting minutes and attach the required action items. This will highlight the main points and serve as a guide for the employees to refer back to.

Confidence and Knowledge

Every manager wants to be the person people come to and respect, but what I have found is that the most successful managers are the ones who are willing to admit that they don’t know. Admitting that your don’t know but are willing to do the research and get back to the employee goes a very long way.

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